Q-Quest 2021 Registration is OPEN!!

Q-Quest is on Wednesday, November 17th (for High Schoolers) and Thursday, November 18th (for Middle Schoolers).  MUCH more information is coming regarding your role as a leader, but we want to get you as much info as possible now!

  • This is a virtual event, happening during the school day. Our hope is that your group will be able to designate a place together in the school to attend this virtual gathering together.  We expect this year to require more engagement from advisors in order to make it work!
  • Registration is open. We are only accepting registrations from adults (you). You are responsible for registering yourself and all of your young people. Last year we invited you to have your young people register themselves- that is not the case this year.  We will not accept any individual student registrations from young people who attend schools with an active GSA. Feel free to submit the form multiple times if you would like to register your students in chunks.

Click here to register for Q-Quest!!

  • If you or your students are interested in leading a workshop at Q-Quest this year, please use this link to submit a workshop proposal by 11/1.